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An attorney that handles elder law will be specialized in the legal matters that affect the elderly and disabled people as well. While you may get recommendations from friends and associates that their general practitioner lawyer is good at everything, when it comes to certain legal matters that pertain to the elderly, it’s usually better to have someone that concentrates his education and expertise in that area of law. This will include such things as estate planning, guardianship, Medicare, retirement, social security, taxes, long term care placement, and probate, as well as other types of issues concerning the aged. Let’s examine some of the reasons you might need an elder law attorney, plus how to find a top professional in your area.

Estate Planning, Taxes,  And Social Security Are Top Specialties Of Elder Law Lawyers.

Some of the main areas of focus that a legal professional in this category needs to tend to is the planning of estates in order to make the death of an elderly loved one be as smooth a transition as possible. No matter how wealthy or poor an individual is, there are always plenty of legal matters that need to be taken care of before death, in order to make the passing of a loved one not turn into a huge legal mess, with relatives fighting over pieces of the estate. Also, making sure that the elderly properly file their taxes, and receive their maximum Social Security benefits as allowed by law are other highly important issues for lawyers for the elderly.

Assisting With Long Term Care For The Disabled Is Also Highly Important.

Many  older people become disabled and unable to care for themselves in their later years, and at this time it’s important to have proper legal representation to ensure that they are cared for in a safe and loving manner for the rest of their lives. This usually involves helping them find a long-term care facility and arrange the finances so that they can be cared for  using a combination of Medicaid and their own funds as needed.  Part of the function of elder law attorneys is to make sure that the aged are protected as they advance in age, and no longer understand more complicated parts of the law.

Why It’s Important That Care Providers Know There Are Competent Lawyers Involved.

In most cases having a competent law firm handle the legal matters of an elderly person ends up costing far less than what you might think, and additionally, it also keeps many of the aged from becoming victims of thieves, sometimes within the family, and other times masquerading as care providers.  When care providers know that a client is being well taken care of by relatives and attorneys, there tends to be much less abuse, neglect and fraud. So it’s important to always make sure that any care providers, or other service providers, know that abuse and thievery will not be tolerated and that there are watchful eyes checking on a regular basis as well.

Finding The Best Elder Law Attorneys In Your Area.

Of course, the best place to find competent elder law attorneys, is going to be through family and friends that can recommend someone they have used in the past. Don’t settle for other types of general attorneys, however, insist on one that specializes in elder care. Another place to check for referrals would be some of the better long-term care facilities in your area that would know of some of the more, harder working attorneys, that they deal with and respect. It goes without saying, the attorney will have to have a law degree, a license to practice, and should be specialized in elder care to even be considered.

Taking care of the legal matters of an aged loved one can  seen like a daunting task at first. However, by doing your due diligence, taking the time to research and find a competent lawyer specializing in the elderly, you can be sure that the interests of your loved one are well taken care of in their old age.

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